Alien Costume

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Are you a fan of the Alien film franchise and want to dress up as the iconic extraterrestrial creature for Halloween or a costume party? Look no further! With a little creativity and some basic craft supplies, you can easily create your own Alien costume at home. In this article, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to make a DIY Alien ensemble that is both affordable and authentic.

Alien Costume – Alien

From constructing a headpiece with attached mandibles to creating a tail and outer exoskeleton, we’ve got you covered. So grab your glue gun and let’s get started on creating a show-stopping Alien costume that is straight out of the 1979 movie!


Alien Costume - Fancy Dress - 1979 - Cosplay - Homemade - DIY - Bodysuit - Body Suit

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A black bodysuit is an essential element of any Xenomorph costume and is a good place to start when creating your own Alien ensemble. The black bodysuit will serve as the base for your costume and will help to create a cohesive and streamlined look. When choosing a black bodysuit, be sure to select one that is made of a high-quality, stretchy material that is comfortable to wear.

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Claw Gloves

Alien Costume - Fancy Dress - 1979 - Cosplay - Homemade - DIY - Claw Gloves

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Wearing claw gloves as part of your Xenomorph costume can help to add an extra level of menace and authenticity to your ensemble. In the Alien films, the Xenomorph is depicted with long, sharp claws that it uses to attack and kill its prey. By wearing claw gloves, you can recreate this iconic feature of the creature and help to further capture its predatory nature.

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EVA Foam Sheet Roll

Alien Costume - Fancy Dress - 1979 - Cosplay - Homemade - DIY - Foam

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Black EVA foam is a popular material that is often used in costume-making and cosplay due to its versatility, durability, and ease of use. It is a lightweight, spongy material that is easy to cut, shape, and glue, and it can be used to create a wide range of different costume elements, including the skeletal body and head of the Xenomorph from the Alien film franchise.

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Jaw and Hood Template

Alien Costume - Fancy Dress - 1979 - Cosplay - Homemade - DIY - Jaw Template

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There are many places where you can find ready-made templates for costume-making.

In most cases, if you have a basic ability with art, you can even make your own templates for this.

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Tail Ridges And Stinger Template

Alien Costume - Fancy Dress - 1979 - Cosplay - Homemade - DIY - Tail Template

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Making a costume from scratch can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you are new to costume-making or do not have a lot of experience with crafting and DIY projects. One way to make the process of creating a costume easier is to make use of ready-made templates.

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Alien Mask

Alien Costume - Fancy Dress - 1979 - Cosplay - Homemade - DIY - Mask

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The unique mask is a key element of the Alien costume and is an essential part of any Alien ensemble. In order to create a realistic and authentic Alien mask, you will need to pay attention to the details of the creature’s appearance.

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Black Paint

Alien Costume - Fancy Dress - 1979 - Cosplay - Homemade - DIY - Black Paint

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In order to create a realistic and authentic Alien costume, it is important to pay attention to the details of the creature’s appearance. One key element to consider is the ribs, which are typically depicted as being black in color and as having a distinctive, elongated shape. In order to recreate this look, you can paint the ribs of your Alien costume using black fabric paint or a similar medium. You may also want to add muscle details to the grey bodysuit that you are using for your costume.

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Alien Overview

The Alien is a fictional extraterrestrial creature that serves as the main antagonist of the Alien film franchise. It is a predatory, endoparasitoid species that is capable of killing and laying its eggs inside living organisms, including humans.

The Alien is known for its distinctive appearance, which includes an elongated, triangular head, a pair of mandibles, and a long, segmented tail. It also has a set of sharp, retractable inner jaws that it uses to inject its victims with a deadly neurotoxin. The Alien is highly intelligent and is able to adapt to its surroundings in order to survive. It is also highly durable and is able to withstand extreme temperatures, pressures, and other environmental hazards.

The Alien first appeared in he 1979 film Alien and has since appeared in numerous sequels, spin-offs, and other media.

Despite being a fictional creature, the Alien has become one of the most iconic and enduring monsters in film history.

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