Cindy Crawford Pepsi Commercial Costume

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In 1992, Cindy Crawford starred in a Pepsi commercial that became an instant classic and defined 90s pop culture. In the commercial, Cindy Crawford looks stunning in a sexy, form-fitting tank top and denim cut-off shorts, showcasing her iconic supermodel figure.  This commercial is so iconic it is hardly any surprise that women are, to this very day, looking for their own Cindy Crawford Pepsi commercial costume.

Cindy Crawford Pepsi Commercial Costume

If you’re looking to channel your inner Cindy Crawford for a fancy dress party or Halloween costume, this guide will show you how to recreate her iconic Pepsi commercial look with ease. Get ready to turn heads and channel your inner 90s supermodel with this sexy Cindy Crawford Pepsi costume guide!

White Top

Cindy Crawford Pepsi Commercial Costume - Super Model Fancy Dress - Sexy Cosplay - Tank Top

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The first thing you need to dress like Cindy Crawford in this commercial is a tank top.

The tank top you choose should be white and should be tight fitting.

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Daisy Dukes Denim Shorts

Cindy Crawford Pepsi Commercial Costume - Super Model Fancy Dress - Sexy Cosplay - Daisy Dukes Denim Shorts

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Next you will need a pair of shorts for this costume.

You should choose a pair of denim Daisy Dukes shorts for women.

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High Heels

Cindy Crawford Pepsi Commercial Costume - Super Model Fancy Dress - Sexy Cosplay - High Heels

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You do not get that great of a view of Cindy Crawford’s feet in this commercial so the choice of footwear you choose is down to personal preference.

However, with that said, a pair of high heels would look sexy with this costume.

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Cindy Crawford Pepsi Commercial Costume - Super Model Fancy Dress - Sexy Cosplay - Wig - Hair

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If you are not blessed with the same hair as Cindy Crawford you can simply buy a wig which allows you to quickly and easily replicate her hairstyle in the Pepsi commercial.

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Pepsi Can

Cindy Crawford Pepsi Commercial Costume - Super Model Fancy Dress - Sexy Cosplay - Pepsi Can

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One thing for sure is you could not even begin to put this costume idea together without your very own can of Pepsi.

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Cindy Crawford Pepsi Commercial Overview

Cindy Crawford is a supermodel who appeared in a Pepsi commercial in 1992. The advertisement features Crawford stopping at a gas station, where she buys a can of Pepsi and takes a sip. The camera then pans out to show her driving down the road in her red convertible, with the tagline “You got the right one, baby.” The commercial was highly popular and became one of the most iconic Pepsi ads of all time. Crawford’s appearance and style helped to make the ad memorable, and the advertisement helped to further cement Crawford’s status as one of the world’s most popular models.

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