Robber Costume

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A robber costume is a classic choice for Halloween or any costume party. The look is easy to achieve with a few simple pieces that can be easily found at your local thrift store or in your own closet. To create a convincing robber costume, you’ll need a black and white striped shirt, black pants, and a black beanie or mask to cover your face.

Robber Costume

You can also add a few accessories to complete the look, such as a fake money bag, a pair of black gloves, and a toy gun. With the right attitude and a bit of creativity, you can pull off a convincing robber costume that will have everyone talking.

Black and White Striped Top

Robber Costume - Easy Last Minute Fancy Dress Ideas - Black and White Striper Shirt

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The most important part of this fancy dress is most certainly the shirt of the top you choose to wear.

You should be looking for a long sleeved top with horizontal black and white stripes.

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Robber Costume - Easy Last Minute Fancy Dress Ideas - Mask

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Another hugely important part of this easy fancy dress idea is a mask.

The easiest option here is to wear a Zorro style mask which means it will remain easy for you to eat and drink if you are at a party.

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Robber Costume - Easy Last Minute Fancy Dress Ideas - Pants

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A simple pair of black pants will work well on the bottom half of your body.

The most important factor here is that the pants you choose are black.

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Robber Costume - Easy Last Minute Fancy Dress Ideas - Gloves

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No robber would ever go robbing if he risked leaving fingerprints for the police to find.

With this in mind wear a pair of black gloves for your fancy dress.

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Swag Bag

Robber Costume - Easy Last Minute Fancy Dress Ideas - Swag Bag

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A swag bag is another important part of this costume.

You should be looking for a small, white sack with a dollar symbol printed or drawn on it.

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Robber Costume - Easy Last Minute Fancy Dress Ideas - Shoes

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You can keep the footwear for this fancy dress pretty simple.

It is recommended that you wear pair of black shoes as part of this costume which will match it perfectly.

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Complete Costume

Robber Costume - Easy Last Minute Fancy Dress Ideas - Complete Costume

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If you are not keen on making a DIY version of this costume there is the easy option where you can simply buy a readymade costume set. These readymade costumes contain everything you will need.

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Robber Overview

A robber is a person who steals from others through force or threat of force. This can include stealing money, valuables, or other possessions from individuals, businesses, or institutions. Robbery is considered a serious crime and is punishable by law in most countries. A robber typically uses physical force, weapons, or intimidation to take what they want from their victims. Robbers can target anyone, anywhere, at any time, making it important for individuals and businesses to take precautions to protect themselves and their assets.

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