Sloth Costume

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Welcome to our guide on how to make a Sloth costume from the classic movie The Goonies! In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to create your own Sloth costume, including materials needed, instructions for construction, and tips for a realistic look.

Sloth Costume – The Goonies

Whether you’re a fan of the film or just looking for a unique costume idea, this guide will help you create a Sloth costume that will be the talk of the party. Let’s get started!

Superman Shirt

Sloth Costume - The Goonies Fancy Dress - Cosplay - Superman Shirt

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One of Sloth’s most recognizable features is his bright blue Superman t-shirt. To achieve this look, you can purchase a blue Superman shirt or even dye a plain blue t-shirt to match the color of the shirt worn by Sloth in the film.

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Pants Suspenders

Sloth Costume - The Goonies Fancy Dress - Cosplay - Pants Suspenders

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Another key accessory for the Sloth costume is the red suspenders. These are essential for keeping your pants up and will also add a pop of color to your outfit. You can purchase red suspenders or make your own using red ribbon or fabric.

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Sloth Costume - The Goonies Fancy Dress - Cosplay - Pants

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To complete the lower half of your costume, you’ll need a pair of black pants. These can be any type of pants, such as jeans or cargo pants, as long as they are black.

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Pirate Hat

Sloth Costume - The Goonies Fancy Dress - Cosplay - Pirate Hat

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In the film, Sloth is often seen wearing a tricorn hat, which is a type of pirate hat with three corners. You can purchase a tricorn hat or make your own using a pattern or tutorial.

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Sloth Mask

Sloth Costume - The Goonies Fancy Dress - Cosplay - Mask

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The most important aspect of your Sloth costume will be the mask. While you can make your own, it may be easier to purchase a latex mask that will give you the exact look of the character.

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Complete Costume Set

Sloth Costume - The Goonies Fancy Dress - Cosplay - Complete Costume Set

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If you don’t have time to DIY, you can purchase a costume set that includes all the elements you need to create the perfect Sloth costume. This can save you time and effort and ensure that all the pieces of your costume will match and look authentic.

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Sloth Overview

In the 1985 film “The Goonies,” a sloth named Sloth Fratelli is a major character. He is portrayed by actor John Matuszak. Sloth is the deformed, physically disabled brother of the film’s antagonists, the Fratelli family. He is initially locked away in the basement by his family, but is freed by the film’s main characters, the Goonies. Sloth becomes friends with the Goonies and helps them in their quest to find the treasure of the pirate One-Eyed Willy. Sloth is known for his catchphrase “Hey you guys!” and his iconic face and smile. He is depicted as a gentle giant who is often bullied by his family, but ultimately proves to be a valuable ally to the Goonies.

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