Starfire Costume

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Looking to transform into the powerful and seductive Starfire from Teen Titans? Look no further than our comprehensive guide to creating the perfect Starfire costume for cosplay or Halloween. Starfire’s iconic look is defined by her bright orange skin, flame-colored hair, and striking purple outfit. To achieve her look, you’ll need a long orange wig, orange body paint, bright green contact lenses, a metallic purple crop top with long sleeves, purple shorts, long white gloves, and purple high boots. Optional accessories include orange sheer stockings and a violet leather belt. Don’t feel like DIY-ing?

Starfire Costume – Teen Titans

We’ve got you covered with a full costume set available for purchase. Learn more about Starfire’s backstory as Princess Koriand’r of Tamaran and her journey to becoming a member of the Teen Titans. Get ready to blast off and take down villains as the powerful Starfire.



Starfire Costume - Teen Titans Fancy Dress Cosplay Ideas - Wig

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To perfectly recreate Starfire’s signature hairstyle, a long and bright orange wig is a must-have accessory. Make sure the wig you choose is of good quality and matches the color of Starfire’s hair.

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Body Paint

Starfire Costume - Teen Titans Fancy Dress Cosplay Ideas - Body Paint

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The most distinctive feature of Starfire’s appearance is her bright orange skin color. You can achieve this look by painting your body with a high-quality orange body paint that is non-toxic and safe for your skin.

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Green Contact Lenses

Starfire Costume - Teen Titans Fancy Dress Cosplay Ideas - Contact Lenses

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Starfire’s eyes are bright green and mesmerizing. To really capture her look, invest in a pair of green contact lenses that match the color of her eyes. Make sure to choose lenses that are comfortable to wear and won’t irritate your eyes.

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Crop Top

Starfire Costume - Teen Titans Fancy Dress Cosplay Ideas - Crop Top

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Starfire’s metallic purple crop top with long sleeves is the cornerstone of her iconic look. To achieve this, look for a crop top in a similar metallic purple color with long sleeves that flatter your body type.

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Brooch Pin

Starfire Costume - Teen Titans Fancy Dress Cosplay Ideas - Broach

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Add some sparkle to your costume by decorating your crop top with a light green jewel brooch pin. This will add a touch of glamour and complete the seductive alien style.

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Starfire Costume - Teen Titans Fancy Dress Cosplay Ideas - Shorts

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Find a pair of metallic purple shorts to match your crop top. Make sure to choose shorts that fit well and flatter your body shape.

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Starfire Costume - Teen Titans Fancy Dress Cosplay Ideas - Gloves

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A pair of long white satin gloves is a must-have accessory for your Starfire costume. These gloves will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your outfit.

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Knee High Boots

Starfire Costume - Teen Titans Fancy Dress Cosplay Ideas - Boots

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Finish off your look with a pair of high boots in a deep purple color. Make sure to choose boots that are comfortable to wear and match the style of your costume.

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Sheer Stockings

Starfire Costume - Teen Titans Fancy Dress Cosplay Ideas - Stockings

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For smoother legs, consider wearing a pair of orange sheer stockings. This is an optional accessory that will enhance the overall look of your costume.

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Leather Belt

Starfire Costume - Teen Titans Fancy Dress Cosplay Ideas - Belt

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To complete the overall look of your Starfire costume, you can add a violet leather belt to your outfit. This will add some texture and depth to your costume.

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Complete Costume

Starfire Costume - Teen Titans Fancy Dress Cosplay Ideas - Complete Costume

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If you’re looking for a convenient and easy option, consider purchasing a full Starfire costume. This will include all of the essential accessories and pieces you need to recreate her iconic look.

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Starfire Overfire

Starfire is a superhero character from the DC Comics universe, and a member of the Teen Titans. Her real name is Koriand’r, and she comes from the planet Tamaran. She has the ability to fly and emit energy blasts, and she is also known for her superhuman strength and endurance. Starfire is often depicted as a cheerful and kind-hearted individual who cares deeply for her friends and teammates. She has also been portrayed as a powerful and formidable warrior when in battle. Starfire’s appearance is characterized by her fiery red hair and green eyes, and she is often seen wearing a distinctive purple and silver outfit.

Teen Titans Overview

Teen Titans is a superhero team that appears in comic books and other media published by DC Comics. The team is made up of young superheroes, often sidekicks or apprentices of famous DC superheroes such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The original team consisted of Robin (Batman’s sidekick), Kid Flash (The Flash’s sidekick), Aqualad (Aquaman’s sidekick), and Wonder Girl (Wonder Woman’s sidekick). Over time, the team roster has expanded to include new members like Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg. The Teen Titans are known for their adventures as they work to save the world from various threats, including supervillains and dangerous interdimensional beings. The team has been featured in numerous comic book series, animated television shows, and movies, making it a beloved franchise among superhero fans of all ages.

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