Android 17 Costume

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Welcome to a world of technological prowess and combat prowess as we embark on an exciting journey to create a remarkable Android 17 costume. In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the intricate details of transforming into the enigmatic Android 17, a formidable cyborg fighter from the iconic Dragon Ball series. Whether you’re a devoted cosplayer seeking to challenge your crafting skills or a Dragon Ball enthusiast looking to embody the essence of this mysterious character, we’ve got you covered. Prepare to harness the strength of a true warrior as we unveil the secrets to crafting an authentic Android 17 costume that captures the essence of this powerful and enigmatic fighter. Let’s dive into the world of advanced technology and martial arts to become the indomitable Android 17!

Android 17 Costume – Dragon Ball

Android 17 Costume - Dragon Ball Fancy Dress

# Item Description
1 Black Shirt Elevate your costume with the iconic Black Shirt. Crafted with precision and style, this shirt is the foundation of your transformation into a legendary martial artist. Embrace the essence of power and mystery as you don this sleek black attire. To complete the look, pair it with white long-sleeved shirt underneath to add depth and dimension to your outfit. Unleash your inner warrior and become the center of attention wherever you go.

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2 White long-sleeved shirt Add a layer of sophistication to your costume with the White Long-Sleeved Shirt. This versatile piece allows you to create a captivating contrast with the black shirt, accentuating your martial arts aura. The combination of black and white symbolizes the harmony of yin and yang, representing the balance and power of your character. Embrace the duality of your personality and captivate everyone with your mesmerizing presence.

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3 Orange Neckerchief Add a touch of vibrant energy to your costume with the Orange Neckerchief. This exquisite accessory serves as a symbol of your fiery determination and unyielding spirit. As you tie it around your neck, you’ll feel the essence of martial arts flowing through you. The orange color embodies the zest for life and the willingness to face any challenge. Embrace the power of the dragon and unleash your inner strength with this eye-catching neckerchief.

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4 Blue Pants Elevate your style with the impeccable Blue Pants. These comfortable and versatile pants perfectly complement the rest of your attire. The rich blue color signifies tranquility and intelligence, highlighting the wisdom and knowledge of your character. Whether you’re practicing martial arts or navigating the challenges of life, these pants will be your reliable companion. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and inspire others with your profound wisdom.

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5 Red Belt Add a touch of elegance to your outfit with the Red Belt. This striking accessory not only holds your pants but also serves as a symbol of strength and determination. The bold red color represents your burning passion for martial arts and life’s challenges. With a gleaming gold buckle, this belt accentuates your martial arts master persona. Embrace the power of the dragon and let your spirit soar as you tie this symbolic belt around your waist.

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6 Brown Belt Bag Add a touch of practicality and style with the Brown Belt Bag. This accessory not only enhances your costume but also provides a convenient storage solution. Whether you’re carrying small martial arts props or personal belongings, this belt bag has got you covered. The rich brown color represents your connection with the earth and your grounded nature as a martial arts master. Embrace the balance of strength and humility as you wear this fashionable belt bag.

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7 Green Leg Warmer Add a splash of color to your ensemble with the Green Leg Warmer. This vibrant accessory adds an element of agility and flair to your costume. Just like a dragon gracefully glides through the sky, you’ll move with unmatched agility and grace. The green color symbolizes growth and harmony, representing your connection with nature and your martial arts spirit. Let your inner dragon awaken as you slide on this captivating leg warmer.

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8 Blue High Top Sneakers Complete your martial arts master look with the trendy Blue High Top Sneakers. These stylish shoes not only add height but also elevate your outfit to a whole new level. The blue color symbolizes loyalty and intelligence, reflecting your unwavering dedication to the path of martial arts. With every step, you’ll exude confidence and charm. Step into the shoes of a true martial arts master and leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

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9 Black Wig Complete your transformation with the Black Wig. This versatile wig adds a touch of mystery and allure to your character. Whether you’re portraying a seasoned martial arts master or a powerful warrior, this mid-length wig will add depth to your portrayal. Embrace the power of transformation and immerse yourself in the world of martial arts as you don this captivating black wig. Awaken the spirit of ancient warriors and become the embodiment of strength and wisdom.

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Android 17 Overview

Android 17, also known as Lapis, is a human turned powerful cyborg in the Dragon Ball series, created by the villainous Dr. Gero of the Red Ribbon Army. As a bio-engineered fighter, Android 17 possesses immense strength, speed, and durability, making him a formidable adversary. Originally a delinquent teenager, his life takes a drastic turn when he is kidnapped and transformed into a cybernetic being.

As an Android, 17 exhibits a calm and reserved demeanor, often maintaining a stoic silence during battles. Despite his initial villainous role, he undergoes a significant transformation after being freed from the mind control of Dr. Gero. Throughout the series, Android 17 showcases his remarkable combat abilities and ultimately embraces a more heroic path.

His signature attire consists of a black sleeveless shirt, dark green pants, a belt with a gun holster, and brown boots. With his trademark red ribbon tied around his neck and a cool, composed demeanor, Android 17 exudes an air of mystery and power that captivates fans. In this guide, we will meticulously delve into every aspect of Android 17’s unique ensemble, guiding you to create a costume that stays true to the essence of this enigmatic and formidable fighter. Prepare to harness the strength of a cyborg warrior as we embark on this exciting cosplay endeavor!

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