Coon Costume

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Welcome to our guide on making a Coon costume, inspired by the character from the popular animated series. The Coon is a unique and recognizable superhero/villain alter-ego of Eric Cartman. Here are some steps to bring the Coon to life:

Coon Costume – South Park

Coon Costume - South Park Fancy Dress

# Item Description
1 White T-Shirt Embrace your Coon identity by wearing this plain white t-shirt. Take it to the next level by attaching a custom-made letter “C” cut-out on the front, boldly displaying your association with this enigmatic character.

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2 Dark Gray Denim Jacket Enhance your mysterious aura with this dark gray denim jacket. Slip it over your white t-shirt, and let its ominous presence add depth and intensity to your Coon persona.

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3 Dark Grey Pants Complete your Coon ensemble with these rugged dark gray pants. The dark hue adds a touch of stealth and blends seamlessly with your jacket, creating a cohesive and formidable look.

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4 Black Shoes Choose these sleek black shoes to ensure both comfort and style during your vigilante pursuits. Let them support your every step as you embrace the mantle of the Coon.

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5 Utility Belt Equip yourself with this multi-pouch utility belt, perfect for carrying all your essential weapons and accessories. Stay prepared for any situation and showcase your resourcefulness as the Coon.

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6 Yellow Belt Buckle Add a touch of vibrant color to your utility belt with this eye-catching yellow buckle. It serves as a striking accent and enhances the overall aesthetics of your Coon costume.

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7 Red Superhero Cape Channel the spirit of heroism or villainy with this striking red superhero cape. Donning the cape signifies your authority as the Coon, but don’t forget to attach the Coon letter “C” to truly embody the character’s essence.

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8 Raccoon Ears, Tail, and Mask Fully transform into the Coon by embracing your raccoon alter ego. Put on these raccoon ears, attach the tail, and don the raccoon mask. Consider adding intricate details to your mask to capture the true essence of this enigmatic character.

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9 Finger Claws Embrace the primal nature of the Coon with these fierce finger claws. Slip them on to portray your raccoon claws, a symbol of both agility and power. Let them serve as your primary weapon during your heroic or villainous escapades.

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Coon Overview

The Coon is a complex character who first emerges as a self-proclaimed superhero and later transforms into a supervillain. His true identity is Eric Cartman, and he adopts the persona of The Coon to carry out his own brand of justice. He makes his debut in the aptly titled episode “The Coon.”

Initially, The Coon assumes leadership of a superhero group called Coon and Friends in “Coon 2: Hindsight.” However, his behavior becomes increasingly aggressive and manipulative, leading to his expulsion from the group. The other members grow tired of his violent actions and his tendency to blackmail fellow heroes.

In a dramatic turn of events, The Coon allies himself with the ancient and powerful entity known as Cthulhu in the episode “Mysterion Rises.” Together, they embark on a destructive killing spree that culminates in the leveling of San Francisco. In “Coon vs. Coon & Friends,” The Coon’s rampage continues as he compels Cthulhu to destroy the Burning Man festival, brutally eliminating Justin Bieber and his fans, and banishing his former friends to the submerged city of R’lyeh.

However, The Coon’s reign alongside Cthulhu comes to an end when Mint-Berry Crunch, utilizing his own superpowers, manages to seal Cthulhu back into his own dimension. As a consequence, The Coon is rendered powerless and subsequently captured by the new iteration of Coon and Friends. He is then imprisoned alongside Professor Chaos.

The story of The Coon showcases a descent from superheroism to villainy, driven by a combination of personal ambition, aggression, and a dangerous alliance with a malevolent force.

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