Egyptian Pharaoh Costume

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Are you fascinated by ancient Egypt and the powerful pharaohs who ruled over it? Want to bring the iconic figure of an Egyptian pharaoh to life for Halloween or a themed party? Look no further! This guide will walk you through the process of creating your very own homemade Egyptian Pharaoh costume.

Egyptian Pharaoh Costume

Creating an Egyptian Pharaoh costume may seem like a daunting task, but with the right materials and a bit of creativity, it can be easily done. The key to a successful Pharaoh costume is attention to detail and a good understanding of the historical context of the character.


Egyptian Pharaoh Costume - Fancy Dress - Cosplay - Shirt

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The black shirt is a great foundation for the costume and should be a plain, long-sleeve black shirt. This can be found at most clothing stores and is a versatile piece that can be used for other costumes in the future.

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Egyptian Pharaoh Costume - Fancy Dress - Cosplay - Cloth Skirt

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The black cloth, also known as a kilt, is worn as a skirt and is a key part of the costume, as it’s a traditional garment worn by ancient Egyptians. The cloth should be made of a comfortable, lightweight fabric and can be decorated with hieroglyphs, gold trim or other Egyptian motifs.

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Accessory Set

Egyptian Pharaoh Costume - Fancy Dress - Cosplay - Accessory Set

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To add a touch of elegance to the costume, you can wear a belt, collar, and wrist cuff set that is made of gold or gold-colored metal and decorated with hieroglyphs, or other Egyptian motifs.

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Head Piece

Egyptian Pharaoh Costume - Fancy Dress - Cosplay - Headpiece

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To achieve the character’s distinctive look, you’ll need to wear a headpiece, also known as a nemes headband and a cobra headpiece. This is a traditional headpiece worn by pharaohs and is made of a durable material, often golden, and decorated with hieroglyphs, or other Egyptian motifs.

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Snake Cane

Egyptian Pharaoh Costume - Fancy Dress - Cosplay - Snake Cane

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To complete the costume, you can carry a snake cane, also known as a crook and flail, which were symbols of pharaonic authority. The cane is usually made of wood, metal or plastic and has a snake head on top. This cane will give your costume a regal touch and will make it look truly authentic.

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Complete Costume Set

Egyptian Pharaoh Costume - Fancy Dress - Cosplay - Complete Costume

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For a one-stop costume solution, you can also get a costume set that includes all of the elements of the costume. These sets are usually made of lower quality materials but are a quick and easy way to get the costume, and often have an accessory set and a headpiece included. It’s important to check the set includes the items that are important for you, and that they are of good quality.

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Egyptian Pharaoh Overview

An Egyptian Pharaoh was the political and religious leader of ancient Egypt, who held the title of “Son of Ra” and was considered to be a god-king by the people. The title of Pharaoh was first used during the New Kingdom period (circa 1550-1070 BCE) and continued to be used for over 3000 years until the end of the Ptolemaic period in 30 BCE.

The Pharaoh was the head of the government, the military and the religion, and held absolute power over the people. He was responsible for maintaining the stability of the state, protecting Egypt from foreign invaders, and overseeing the construction of monumental buildings such as temples and pyramids.

Pharaohs were also responsible for maintaining the religious beliefs and practices of the people, and they were seen as intermediaries between the gods and the people. They were believed to have a divine right to rule and were often depicted as gods themselves in art and literature.

Many famous Pharaohs are known to us today, such as Tutankhamun, Ramses II, and Cleopatra. They are known for their military campaigns, monumental building projects, and their role in the history of ancient Egypt.

The death of a Pharaoh was a significant event in ancient Egypt. Pharaohs were mummified and buried in elaborate tombs, such as the Valley of the Kings, in the hopes that they would be able to continue to protect and watch over their people in the afterlife. The study of the pharaohs and their culture continues to be a fascinating subject for many people, and their history and legacy still remain an important part of the world’s cultural heritage.

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