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Welcome to our guide on creating a Launch costume! If you’re a fan of the Dragon Ball series and have a soft spot for the quirky and iconic character Launch, you’re in for a fun and nostalgic cosplay adventure. Whether you’re gearing up for a convention, costume party, or just want to pay homage to this beloved character, this guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions and creative tips to transform into the ever-changing, blue-haired beauty.

Launch Costume – Dragon Ball Z

Launch Costume - Dragon Ball Z Fancy Dress Ideas

Cami Crop Top in Neon Green The neon green crop top is an essential element of Launch’s costume when she’s in her blue-haired, mild-mannered state. It serves as the top portion of her outfit and matches her signature look.

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Casual Button Cuffed Shorts in Yellow Yellow shorts are paired with the neon green top to complete Launch’s outfit when she’s in her blue-haired form. This combination captures her unique style.

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Red Headband Hair Tie Bow The red headband with a hair tie bow is an iconic accessory that represents Launch’s transition to her aggressive, blonde-haired personality when worn around her head. It’s a crucial component for differentiating between her two personas.

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Red Fingerless Gloves Red fingerless gloves are worn to complete the costume for both of Launch’s personalities. They add a distinctive touch to her look and capture her rebellious nature.

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Red Belt The red belt serves as a waist accessory to cinch the top and shorts together, enhancing the overall appearance of Launch’s outfit.

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Green Socks Green socks are worn as part of the costume when Launch is in her blue-haired form, matching her outfit’s color scheme.

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Red High-Top Sneakers Red high-top sneakers are a practical and stylish choice for footwear in both of Launch’s personas, complementing her overall attire.

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Yellow Flat Shoelaces Yellow flat shoelaces are a minor detail but add authenticity to the costume, matching the color scheme of the shorts and contributing to the character’s signature style.

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Uzi-Style Airsoft Gun The Uzi-style airsoft gun is an optional accessory that represents Launch’s tendency to use firearms. It helps to capture her character’s wild and unpredictable nature.

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Dark Blue Long Wavy Wig The dark blue wig is essential for portraying Launch’s blue-haired, mild-mannered side. It completes the look, allowing you to emulate her calm and gentle personality.

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Blonde Long Wavy Wig The blonde wig is crucial for transforming into Launch’s blonde-haired, aggressive persona. It’s a key element in distinguishing between her two distinct personalities.

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Launch Overview

Launch, a character with a split personality, is one of the unique and memorable figures from the Dragon Ball universe. Her costume reflects her distinctive style, making it an intriguing cosplay project. Before we delve into crafting the costume, let’s begin by exploring the character of Launch and the fascinating elements that define her.

Launch, also known as “Lunch” in some translations, is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball series created by Akira Toriyama. Here are some key details about Launch:

  1. Dual Personality: Launch is characterized by her unusual condition of having two distinct personalities. When she sneezes, her hair color changes, and her personality shifts dramatically. In her default state, she has blue hair and is kind-hearted, gentle, and caring. However, when she sneezes, her hair turns blonde, and she becomes wild, aggressive, and trigger-happy.
  2. Background: Little is known about Launch’s background, as she initially appears as a fugitive from the police. She later becomes a member of the Dragon Team and assists them in various adventures.
  3. Appearance: Launch’s costume consists of a white tank top, blue jeans, a red bandana worn as a headband, a belt with a gun holster, and brown boots. Her costume captures the essence of her dual nature, with the innocent blue-haired side contrasting the more adventurous and rebellious blonde persona.
  4. Role in the Story: Launch plays a recurring but somewhat minor role in the Dragon Ball series. Her character provides moments of both humor and unpredictability, often due to her abrupt personality shifts triggered by sneezing. She participates in various adventures with Goku and the other characters and even plays a part in some key storylines.
  5. Popularity: Despite her limited appearances, Launch remains a beloved character among fans of the series due to her unique personality and memorable moments.

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