Mr Bean Costume

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If you love that famous bumbling Brit portrayed by Rowan Atkinson then this is the perfect fancy dress guide for you. Welcome to our guide you through on making your own Mr. Bean costume. Here we will help you replicate the character’s unforgettable style with ease.

We will teach you how to dress like Mr. Bean using his clothes and outfits. Everything from the classic tweed jacket and skinny red tie to his unmistakable brown trousers. Whether for a fancy dress party or just for fun, dressing as Mr. Bean is guaranteed to be a hit.

Mr Bean Costume – How to Dress Like Mr Bean

Below are the clothes you will need to start putting together you Mr Bean costume. This is provided if you simply want to buy the outfits worn by the character. We have included more information along with tips and tricks for your Mr Bean fancy dress below.

White Shirt

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Red Necktie

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Mr Bean Tweed Jacket

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Mr Bean Pants

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Mr Bean Shoes

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Mr Bean Teddy Bear

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Mr Bean White Shirt

Mr Bean Costume - Fancy Dress - Cosplay - Dress Like Mr Bean - White Shirt

A white dress shirt is an essential part of a Mr Bean costume. The character is often seen wearing a shirt and tie, and a white dress shirt is the perfect choice to emulate his smart and proper appearance. The white color will give your costume a clean and polished look, and can be easily paired with other elements of the costume.

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Mr Bean Red Necktie

Mr Bean Costume - Fancy Dress - Cosplay - Dress Like Mr Bean - Red Necktie

A red necktie is another important part of a Mr Bean costume. The character is often seen wearing a red necktie, which adds a pop of color to his outfit and helps to make him stand out. The red color of the tie is a great contrast to the white dress shirt, and can be used to create a sense of visual interest in your costume.

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Mr Bean Tweed Jacket

Mr Bean Costume - Fancy Dress - Cosplay - Dress Like Mr Bean - Tweed Jacket

A brown tweed jacket is a key element of a Mr Bean costume. The character is often seen wearing a brown tweed jacket, which looks both smart and casual, perfect for everyday wear. This jacket can be used to create a sense of warmth and comfort in your costume, and it is sure to make you stand out.

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Mr Bean Pants

Mr Bean Costume - Fancy Dress - Cosplay - Dress Like Mr Bean - Pants

A pair of brown pants is a simple and versatile choice for a Mr Bean costume. These pants can be used to create a sense of everyday wear and practicality in your costume, and they are a great way to emulate the character’s simple and unassuming style.

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Mr Bean Shoes

Mr Bean Costume - Fancy Dress - Cosplay - Dress Like Mr Bean - - Black Shoes

You will need a pair of simple black shoes for your Mr Bean costume. These shoes are versatile and classic, and they are sure to make you look smart and polished. They are also perfect for completing the everyday look of the character.

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Mr Bean Teddy Bear

Mr Bean Costume - Fancy Dress - Cosplay - Dress Like Mr Bean - Mr Teddy Bear

A Teddy Plush is the must have accessory when dressing like Mr Bean. The character is often seen with a small brown teddy bear, and this plush can be used to emulate this aspect of the character. This Teddy Plush can be used to add a sense of humor and playfulness to your costume, and it is sure to make you stand out.

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Mr Bean Hairstyle Guide

Replicating Mr. Bean’s hairstyle is a crucial part of achieving an authentic costume. His hair, characterized by its short and somewhat unkempt look, can be easily styled with a few simple steps. Here’s how to get it right:

  1. Hair Length and Cut: Mr. Bean’s hair is quite short. Aim for a length that allows the hair to just cover the top of your forehead and is slightly longer at the top than the sides.
  2. Styling: To recreate the look, you need a basic hair gel or wax. Apply a small amount to your hair and use your fingers to tousle it slightly, giving it a bit of lift and a carefree appearance that mimics Mr. Bean’s usual style.
  3. Sideburns Detail: Pay attention to the sideburns—they are distinct but not overly prominent. They should reach mid-ear and help frame the face much like Mr. Bean’s.
  4. Maintaining the Look: For those attending an event, carrying a small amount of hair product for quick touch-ups can help keep your hair in perfect Mr. Bean style throughout.

This guide should give you the confidence to perfect your Mr. Bean costume with an accurate hairstyle that completes the comedic look.

How to Act Like Mr. Bean

Capturing Mr. Bean’s unique character involves more than just the outfit; his peculiar mannerisms and expressions are essential to embodying his persona. Here are some acting tips to help you bring Mr. Bean to life:

  1. Facial Expressions: Mr. Bean’s facial expressions are pivotal. Practice his surprised look, puzzled frown, and quirky smiles in front of a mirror. His ability to convey emotions without words is a significant part of his charm.
  2. Physical Comedy: Mr. Bean is known for his physical humor. Work on your timing and clumsy movements, such as bumping into things, silly walks, or struggling with everyday tasks. These actions should appear exaggerated yet effortless.
  3. Minimal Dialogue: Remember, Mr. Bean speaks very little. Most of his communication is non-verbal, relying on actions and expressions to convey his message. When you do speak, use mumbled words and nonsensical mutterings sparingly to stay in character.
  4. Interactions with Objects: Mr. Bean often finds himself in comedic situations involving everyday objects. Practice scenarios where common items like a chair, a coat, or a grocery bag become sources of confusion and comedy.

Embracing these aspects of Mr. Bean’s character will enhance your portrayal and make your costume more authentic and entertaining at any event.

Mr Bean Costume Tips and Tricks

Crafting a Mr. Bean costume requires attention to detail to effectively capture the character’s recognizable style. Here are some practical tips and tricks to help you assemble an accurate ensemble:

  1. Jacket and Trousers: The cornerstone of Mr. Bean’s attire is his brown tweed jacket and matching trousers. Thrift stores are ideal for finding these items without spending a lot.
  2. Red Tie: His skinny red tie is a standout accessory. A plain red tie will do, but look for one that is narrow to stay true to the character’s look.
  3. White Shirt: A simple long-sleeved white shirt will complement the tie and jacket perfectly. Ensure the shirt is clean and well-pressed to maintain a neat appearance.
  4. Footwear: Opt for basic black oxford shoes, which Mr. Bean commonly wears. These should be polished and in good condition.
  5. Props: Don’t forget his teddy bear, a key element of the costume. You can either purchase a similar teddy bear or make one if you’re crafty.

By following these tips, you can create a Mr. Bean costume that is both enjoyable to wear and instantly recognizable at any gathering.

Mr Bean Overview

Mr. Bean is a British sitcom television series created by and starring Rowan Atkinson as the title character. The series follows the comedic misadventures of an eccentric and childlike man named Mr. Bean, who is almost always seen in his signature tweed jacket and skinny red tie. The show first premiered in January 1990 and ran for 15 episodes over five series, ending in 1995.

The show’s humor is based on Mr. Bean’s constant attempts to solve everyday problems, often with unexpected and humorous results. The character’s childlike behavior and lack of social skills often leads to comical misunderstandings and mishaps. The show is also known for its slapstick and visual comedy, as well as its use of silence and pantomime.

In addition to the television series, Mr. Bean has also appeared in a number of feature films, including “Bean” and “Mr. Bean’s Holiday.” The character has also been adapted for stage productions, and is popular in other media such as comic books and video games. The show has been praised for its humor and Atkinson’s performance as Mr. Bean, and has a cult following internationally.

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