Jessica Rabbit Costume – Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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Greetings fellow costume, cosplay and fancy dress lovers. Here is a complete guide on how to make your own homemade DIY Jessica Rabbit costume from the classic Who Framed Roget Rabbit movie.

Jessica Rabbit Costume – Who Framed Roger Rabbit

First, here is a quick list of the clothing you will need for you to dress like Jessica Rabbit. Below the quick list we will discuss in more detail exactly why you need each item for your homemade Jessica Rabbit costume.

Jessica Rabbit Dress

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Jessica Rabbit High Heels

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Jessica Rabbit Wig

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Jessica Rabbit Gloves

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Jessica Rabbit Lipstick

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Jessica Rabbit Eyeshadow

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Jessica Rabbit Dress

Jessica Rabbit Costume - Who Framed Roger Rabbit Fancy Dress - Red Dress

The most important part of your Jessica Rabbit costume is her long red formal ball gown dress.

Without the correct dress your Jessica Rabbit cosplay will fall short of perfect.

The dress that you choose should be a red strapless dress that is so long it hovers just above the floor. Your Jessica Rabbit dress should also have a split all the way up to the very top of your leg.

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Jessica Rabbit High Heels

Jessica Rabbit Costume - Who Framed Roger Rabbit Fancy Dress - Red High Heels Shoes

For shoes, Jessica Rabbit wears a pair of red high heels that match her red lipstick. These high heels are an essential part of learning to dress like Jessica Rabbit.

Any pair of red high heels will look good for your Jessica Rabbit costume and the higher the heel the better.

Just remember when choosing your Jessica Rabbit high heels there is a thin line between looking classy and slutty.

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Jessica Rabbit Red Hair – Red Wig

Jessica Rabbit Costume - Who Framed Roger Rabbit Fancy Dress - Red Wig and Hair

Jessica Rabbit has long red hair and is one of her main features that make her look instantly recognisable.

For any Jessica Rabbit costume you need to have long red hair. The two options you have for Jessica Rabbit’s hair are that you dye your hair red then style it like hers or you buy a red hair wig that is fashioned into the same style as Jessica Rabbit’s.

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Jessica Rabbit Gloves

Jessica Rabbit Costume - Who Framed Roger Rabbit Fancy Dress - Gloves

Jessica Rabbit wears elegant purple bridal gloves that fit all the way up her forearm.

To copy her style, buy a pair of dark purple gloves for your Jessica Rabbit fancy dress.

For most people gloves that are bridal gloves would look amazing for copying the style of Jessica Rabbit.

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Jessica Rabbit Red Lipstick

Jessica Rabbit Costume - Who Framed Roger Rabbit Fancy Dress - Red Lipstick

One of Jessica Rabbit’s most noticeable features is her very kissable lips.

To make her lips really stand out and give her a unique style Jessica Rabbit uses a very red color lipstick on her lips.

To copy Jessica Rabbit’s look use a red lipstick on your lips. Make sure you choose a reputable brand of lipstick. When you dress like Jessica Rabbit it is important to realise her makeup makes the character. Therefore you do not want it smudging through the night.

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Jessica Rabbit Blue Eye Shadow

Jessica Rabbit Costume - Who Framed Roger Rabbit Fancy Dress - Blue Eyeshadow

Jessica Rabbit wears a blue color eye shadow on her eye lids.

For your Jessica Rabbit fancy dress use a dark blue eye shadow to copy her look.

There is no set rule as to the exact color and any dark blue eye shadow will look amazing and will be the final finishing touch to any Jessica Rabbit cosplay.

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Jessica Rabbit Costume Tips and Tricks

When you want to dress like Jessica Rabbit for your own Jessica Rabbit costume you will be recreating her unforgettable look. The attention you pay to each detail will make the difference between a good costume and a show-stopping one. Here are some practical tips and tricks so your costume not only dazzles but also remains comfortable throughout your event:

  1. Securing the Dress: Given the design of Jessica’s dress, it’s crucial to ensure it stays in place. Consider using double-sided fashion tape to secure the neckline and the slit of the dress to your skin, preventing any wardrobe malfunctions and allowing you to move with confidence.
  2. Choosing the Right Fabric: The fabric of your dress should be stretchy enough to hug your curves without restricting movement. A fabric with a bit of elastane can be ideal. This will allow the dress to fit snugly while offering the flexibility you need to walk (and dance) comfortably.
  3. Enhancing the Silhouette: To truly capture Jessica’s iconic silhouette, you might want to use shapewear. A good quality corset or bodysuit can help to accentuate the waist and smooth the overall figure, enhancing the glamorous and cartoonish hourglass figure that Jessica Rabbit is famous for.
  4. Makeup that Lasts: Since Jessica’s look is heavily reliant on her makeup, use high-quality, long-lasting products. A waterproof foundation and setting spray will help your makeup stay put all night. For her iconic eyes, invest in a smudge-proof eyeliner and vibrant eyeshadow.
  5. Wig Prep and Care: To avoid your wig looking too synthetic, choose one made of high-quality synthetic fibers or real human hair. Prep your own hair properly by using a wig cap, and ensure the wig is securely pinned down. If the wig is too shiny, as mentioned before, lightly dust it with talcum powder or dry shampoo to reduce the sheen for a more natural appearance.
  6. Practice Your Pose: Jessica Rabbit isn’t just about the look; her sultry demeanor and confident poise are just as important. Practice your posture and walk to embody her character fully. Remember, Jessica is both elegant and playful, so a mix of grace and a hint of sass in your movements will bring your costume to life.
  7. Shoe Comfort: Since you might be wearing your costume for several hours, choose shoes that offer both style and comfort. If your shoes are new, break them in a few days before the event to avoid blisters. Padded inserts can also make a world of difference in how long you can comfortably stay on your feet.

These tips and tricks will help you put together a Jessica Rabbit costume that’s as enchanting as it is iconic. Remember, the magic is in the details!

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Written by Doc Cotton

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