Summer Smith Costume

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Summer Smith is the fiery, sarcastic teenage granddaughter from the hit show Rick and Morty. With her signature red hair, green shirt, brown shorts and cool nonchalant attitude, dressing up as Summer is the perfect cosplay choice. In this DIY Summer Smith costume guide, I’ll walk you through simple steps for transforming into this beloved animated character.

Summer Smith Costume – Rick and Morty

Summer Smith Costume - Rick and Morty Fancy Dress

# Item Description
1 Vibrant Magenta Tank Top Elevate your Summer-inspired look with a vibrant magenta tank top. This eye-catching color will make you stand out and embrace the playful and carefree essence of Summer. The lightweight and comfortable fabric ensure maximum comfort as you enjoy your adventures. Let the magenta hue reflect your vibrant personality and make a bold fashion statement.

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2 Crisp White Jeans Pair your magenta tank top with a pair of crisp white jeans or white denims. The clean and fresh look of white perfectly complements the vibrant magenta color, creating a stylish and summery ensemble. Whether you’re strolling on the beach or enjoying a casual outing, these white jeans will effortlessly elevate your Summer-inspired look. Embrace the cool and chic vibes of Summer fashion.

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3 Classic Black Ballet Flats Slip into a pair of classic black ballet flats to complete your Summer-inspired outfit. These versatile and comfortable shoes add a touch of elegance and grace to your look, allowing you to move with ease and style. Whether you’re exploring the city or attending a casual gathering, these ballet flats will effortlessly complement your Summer fashion choices. Embrace the timeless beauty of ballet-inspired footwear.

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4 Easy-to-use Orange Hair Chalk Add a touch of playful color to your hair with easy-to-use orange hair chalk. Create vibrant streaks or subtle highlights, allowing you to experiment with different hairstyles and looks. Tie your hair into a ponytail like Summer’s signature style and let the orange hues add a pop of vibrancy to your overall appearance. Embrace the spirit of Summer and let your hair be a canvas for creativity and self-expression.

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5 Stylish Orange Wig Alternatively, you can opt for a stylish orange-colored wig to achieve Summer’s iconic hairstyle. The wig provides a hassle-free way to transform your appearance and instantly channel Summer’s fun and bold character. Whether you’re attending a costume party or simply want to switch up your look, the orange wig adds a touch of vibrancy and playfulness to your ensemble. Embrace the versatility and freedom of expressing yourself through different hairstyles.

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Summer Smith Overview

Summer Smith is the teenage granddaughter of Rick Sanchez and the older sister of Morty Smith. She is voiced by Spencer Grammer.

Personality-wise, Summer is depicted as intelligent, independent, and socially aware. She often plays the voice of reason against her grandfather Rick’s crazy antics and dangerous experiments. Though sometimes overlooked by her family, Summer strives to establish her own identity and purpose outside of their adventures.

Physically, Summer has pale skin, red hair usually styled in a ponytail, and typically wears a green tank top and brown shorts. She inherited strong traits from both sides of the family, including Rick’s sarcasm and her mother Beth’s sincerity.

Throughout the series, Summer tackles issues like insecurity, sexuality, and nihilism – typical challenges faced by teenagers. She alternates between wanting to join or distance herself from her eccentric family members. Deep down though, she cares deeply about them.

Some key episodes featuring Summer include “Rickmancing the Stone” where she becomes a warrior in a post-apocalyptic world, “Ricksy Business” where she throws a party that gets out-of-control, and “The Ricks Must Be Crazy” where she outsmarts Rick’s spaceship.

Overall, Summer represents a grounded, astute voice among the show’s crazy sci-fi antics. She adds a layer of humanity and teenage perspective to the nihilistic mad scientist world of Rick and Morty.

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