Ted Bundy Costume

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In this complete guide we will take a look at all the items you need to put together and make your own Ted Bundy costume. As you would imagine a serial killer fancy dress is best suited for Halloween. However, with that said, it can also be used for other occasions such as a fancy dress party.

Ted Bundy Costume

Ted Bundy Costume - Serial Killer Fancy Dress Ideas

# Item Description
1 Striped Polo Shirt For a stylish vintage look, start with a classic striped polo shirt. This timeless piece adds a touch of sophistication to your attire.

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2 Leather Jacket To elevate your style, top off the shirt with a premium leather jacket. The leather jacket not only adds a layer of warmth but also exudes a rugged charm.

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3 Blue Flared Pants Wear a pair of blue flared pants, too.

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4 Brown Shoes Complete the look with this pair of shoes.

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Ted Bundy Overview

Ted Bundy (Theodore Bundy) was an infamous American serial killer who terrorized multiple states during the 1970s. He is one of the most well-known and reviled serial murderers in U.S. history. Here is an overview of Ted Bundy:

Early Life and Background:

  • Ted Bundy was born on November 24, 1946, in Burlington, Vermont, USA.
  • He grew up in a seemingly normal family environment, and there were no initial signs of his future criminal activities.
  • Bundy was often described as charming, intelligent, and articulate, which he used to his advantage.

Criminal Activities:

  • Bundy’s killing spree began in the early 1970s when he started abducting and murdering young women.
  • He was known for his ability to lure victims, often posing as an authority figure or feigning injury to gain their trust.
  • Bundy’s crimes escalated over time, and he became known for his extreme brutality, which included sexual assault and murder.
  • He moved across several states, making it difficult for law enforcement to apprehend him.

Capture and Legal Proceedings:

  • Bundy was arrested multiple times for various offenses, including theft and suspicious activities, but it wasn’t until 1975 that he was linked to the string of murders.
  • He was eventually apprehended in 1975, and his trial began in 1976.
  • Bundy defended himself during his trials, often displaying a manipulative and charming demeanor in court.
  • He was convicted of numerous murders and received multiple death sentences.

Escapes and Execution:

  • Bundy managed to escape from custody twice, creating a nationwide manhunt.
  • After his second capture, he was sentenced to death in multiple states.
  • On January 24, 1989, Ted Bundy was executed in the electric chair at Florida State Prison, ending his reign of terror.


  • Ted Bundy’s case remains a subject of fascination and study for criminologists, psychologists, and law enforcement agencies.
  • His ability to deceive and manipulate those around him has led to numerous books, documentaries, and films exploring his life and crimes.
  • Bundy’s story serves as a stark reminder of the darkness that can lurk behind a charming facade.

Ted Bundy’s life and crimes have left an indelible mark on the history of criminal psychology and law enforcement. His actions continue to be a chilling example of the depths of human depravity and the importance of vigilance in identifying and apprehending serial killers.

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