Margaery Tyrell Costume

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We’ll embark on a journey into the lush realm of Westeros as we explore the art of crafting a Margaery Tyrell costume. Margaery, a central character in George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” and the acclaimed television series “Game of Thrones,” is known for her grace, cunning, and unwavering ambition in the pursuit of power. Now, you have the opportunity to step into the shoes of this captivating character and experience the allure of court life in the Seven Kingdoms. Join us as we unveil the secrets to creating a costume that captures Margaery’s beauty, charm, and the complex layers that define her character.

Margaery Tyrell Costume – Game of Thrones

Margaery Tyrell Costume - Game of Thrones Fancy Dress Ideas

Blue Floral Brocade Corset A corset is a foundational piece of Margaery Tyrell’s attire. It serves to accentuate her figure and create a regal and elegant silhouette. The blue floral brocade design reflects the fashion of House Tyrell and showcases her noble lineage.

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Blue Maxi Skirt The maxi skirt complements the corset and adds to the overall elegance of the costume. The blue color and flowing design are in keeping with the fashion of House Tyrell, and they contribute to the character’s regal appearance.

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Long Brown Wig Margaery Tyrell is known for her striking brown hair. A long brown wig replicates this iconic feature, ensuring that your costume immediately reflects her distinct appearance and beauty.

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Rose Belt The rose belt is symbolic of House Tyrell’s sigil, the golden rose. It adds authenticity to the costume and serves as a subtle nod to her family’s prominence in the Seven Kingdoms. The rose is an important motif in her attire.

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Blue Bolero A bolero is a short jacket that complements the corset and skirt, adding a layer of sophistication and style to the costume. The blue color matches the skirt and corset, creating a coordinated and elegant look.

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Margaery Tyrell Overview

Margaery Tyrell is a character of great significance in the world of Westeros, particularly in “Game of Thrones.” Here’s an overview of this captivating character:

  • Appearance: Margaery is renowned for her striking beauty, with long brown hair and enchanting blue eyes. Her attire is regal, often adorned with intricate designs and fabrics that reflect her noble lineage and her affinity for courtly fashion.
  • Personality: Margaery is known for her charm, grace, and ability to navigate the treacherous waters of court politics with finesse. She is a master of diplomacy, using her beauty and charm as tools to manipulate situations and gain influence.
  • Ambition and Strategy: Margaery’s character is marked by her unwavering ambition. She seeks to become queen and secure her family’s place at the center of power. Her strategic marriages and alliances are central to her character, as she weaves webs of influence to achieve her goals.
  • Empathy and Compassion: Despite her cunning and ambition, Margaery also exhibits genuine empathy and compassion. She is known for her charitable endeavors and her ability to connect with the common people, which enhances her popularity.
  • Role in History: Margaery’s marriages to kings and her complex relationships with the ruling families of Westeros play a crucial role in the overarching narrative of “Game of Thrones.” Her ability to adapt to changing circumstances and her ambition drive the political intrigue of the series.

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