Mulder And Scully Costume

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Are you and your significant other looking for a unique couples costume idea that’s sure to turn heads at your next Halloween party or fancy dress event? Look no further than the iconic duo from “The X-Files” – Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Put simply a Mulder and Scully costume is one of the best last minute costume ideas for couples out there.

Mulder And Scully Costume – The X-Files

With their distinct fashion choices and classic FBI badges, dressing up as Mulder and Scully is the perfect way to pay homage to one of the most beloved TV partnerships of all time. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to create your own Mulder and Scully costumes, complete with accessories and styling tips to bring the characters to life. Whether you’re longtime fans of the show or just looking for a fun and recognizable costume idea, dressing up as Mulder and Scully is sure to be a hit all year round.

Fox Mulder Costume

To begin with we will explore all the clothing that you are going to need in order to dress like Fox Mulder.

Foc Mulder Suit

Fox Mulder Costume - The X-Files Fancy Dress - Fox Mulder Suit

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The most obvious item of clothing you will need when making this X-Files costume is a suit.

This suit could be a variety of colors. However, we would recommend a simple black suit as this is what the character seems to wear the most often.

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Fox Mulder Shirt

Fox Mulder Costume - The X-Files Fancy Dress - Fox Mulder Shirt

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As you would expect a shirt will be needed when making this Fox Mulder fancy dress.

Ideally, we would advise that you choose a button down formal shirt that should preferably be blue in color.

It should also have long sleeves.

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Fox Mulder Necktie

Fox Mulder Costume - The X-Files Fancy Dress - Fox Mulder Necktie

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A necktie will also be needed when putting together this costume.

The neckties that the character wears have a very 90’s style to them so you should replicate this when choosing your own necktie.

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Fox Mulder Shoes

Fox Mulder Costume - The X-Files Fancy Dress - Fox Mulder Shoes

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A simple pair of formal dress shoes will be needed for this X-Files costume.

These shoes should be made from black leather and should also be lace-up shoes. They should appear very business like in their style.

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Fox Mulder FBI Badge

Fox Mulder Costume - The X-Files Fancy Dress - Fox Mulder FBI Badge

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The final item you will need for your Fox Mulder fancy dress is an FBI badge.

You can either make your own FBI badge or you could choose to buy one of the many replica Fox Mulder FBI badges that are available. Usually these badges have a David Duchovny photo for added authenticity. The badge should be pinned to the pocket of your suit jacket.

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Dana Scully Costume – The X-Files

Now we look at all the clothing you will need so you can dress like Dana Scully for this awesome couples costume idea. In no time you will be looking just like Gillian Anderson in this hit TV show as part of this awesome Mulder and Scully costume.

Dana Scully Skirt

Dress like Dana Scully Costume - Dana Scully skirt

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If you want to dress like Dana Scully or create the perfect Dana Scully costume you will need to buy the correct skirt.

Dana Scully usually wears a dark colored pencil skirt with the hem hanging just above her knees.

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Dana Scully Jacket

dress like dana scully costume - dana scully blazer

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 To dress like Dana Scully a woman’s office blazer is essential to copy her style. In the early seasons of The X-Files Scully often wore brighter colors which is a reflection of 90’s fashion. In the later seasons of The X-Files Scully mostly wore grey or black office blazers therefore a black blazer is a must for your Dana Scully costume.

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Dana Scully High Heels

dress like dana scully high heels

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In order to dress like Dana Scully and create the perfect Dana Scully you need to wear a pair of black high heels which she is seen wearing in nearly every episode of The X-Files.

The high heels worn by Dana Scully or always black and are very much the style of shoe that a woman would wear to the office.

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Dana Scully Shirt

dress like dana scully blouse

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To dress like Dana Scully it is important to pick the perfect blouse for your costume. Under her blazer Dana Scully tends to wear a tight fitting white blouse although she has been known to wear other pale color blouses.

For the perfect Dana Scully costume choose a smart long sleeved blouse.

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Dana Scully Pantyhose

Dana Scully Pantyhose - Dress like Dana Scully costume

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No Dana Scully costume would be complete without a pair of pantyhose. Dana Scully has worn a variety of color pantyhose in different episodes although Scully tends to wear sheer pantyhose that are flesh colored.

To have legs like Dana Scully wear a pair of pantyhose that are a similar color to your own skin. You could also choose to wear tan pantyhose.

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Dana Scully FBI Badge

Dress Like Dana Scully costume fbi badge

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If you are creating your own Dana Scully costume for fancy dress or as a halloween costume then a perfect finishing touch would be a replica of her FBI badge that she uses in The X-Files.

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Dana Scully Wig

Dress like Dana Scully costume - Dana Scully wig

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One of the most recognisable features of Dana Scully is her red hair. Although in the later seasons of The X-Files she appears to have blonde hair the perfect Dana Scully costume would not be complete without a red haired wig.

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Dana Scully Suit

dress like dana scully costume - dana scully suit

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If you are wanting an easy way to dress like Dana Scully there is always the option of buying a ready made Dana Scully fancy dress.

Below we are a selection of suits that copy the Dana Scully style and which would be perfect. The only thing you would need to add is high heels, a blouse and a Dana Scully FBI badge.

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Mulder And Scully Overview

Mulder and Scully are two fictional characters from the American television series “The X-Files.” The show aired from 1993 to 2002 and followed the investigations of FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully into paranormal and extraterrestrial phenomena.

Mulder is a believer in the existence of extraterrestrial life and conspiracy theories surrounding government cover-ups of alien encounters. He is passionate, driven, and often reckless in his pursuit of the truth. Mulder’s sister was abducted by aliens when he was a child, and this event motivates much of his work on the X-Files.

Scully, on the other hand, is a skeptic and relies on scientific analysis to explain the strange phenomena encountered during their investigations. She is methodical, intelligent, and often serves as the voice of reason to balance Mulder’s impulsiveness. Despite her skepticism, Scully remains open-minded and is willing to investigate unusual cases.

Throughout the series, Mulder and Scully develop a close working relationship and friendship, and their investigations lead them on a journey that explores themes such as government corruption, human nature, and the nature of belief. The dynamic between the two characters, their chemistry, and their individual strengths and weaknesses have made them one of the most iconic duos in television history.

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