Ross and Rachel Costume

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If you are looking for the perfect costume idea for couples and happen to be fan of the hugely popular TV show, Friends, why not consider this. Why not make a Ross and Rachel costume. This is a awesome costume idea for couples and so very easy to make which makes it a perfect last minute costume idea for couples.

Ross and Rachel Costume – Friends

First we will start with what you need for your Ross costume. Once we have looked at that we will look at what is needed for your Rachel Green costume below that.

Ross Gellar Costume


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The easiest way to make your Ross costume easily recognisable would be to wear a t-shirt with the words – FRANKIE SAY RELAX – across the front of it.

Ideally you should wear a t-shirt like this that is a little on the small side.

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Ross Gellar Costume - Friends Fancy Dress - Ross Gellar Pants

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If you want to be screen accurate when making this costume you need to pay particular attention to the pants you wear.

The pants you should wear should be light beige in color. If you look closely at the bottoms you can see they are turned up. Therefore you should choose a pair of chino style pants.

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Ross Gellar Costume - Friends Fancy Dress - Ross Gellar Sneakers

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It is not essential that you use a specific pair of sneakers although if you want to be 100% screen accurate attention will be required here.

The sneakers that Ross Gellar wears have a skate shoe style to them and are black with white toes. It is unclear the exact brand of sneakers Ross wears in Friends.

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Next let us look at what you need for your Rachel Green costume,

Rachel Green Costume


Rachel Green Costume - Dress Like Rachel Green - Rachel Green Boots and Blouse

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If this is the Rachel Green style you are looking to create you can start the look by wearing a white button down blouse or shirt.

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Rachel Green Skirt

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You can pear your shirt with a short black skirt that looks smart.

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Knee High Boots

Rachel Green Knee High Boots

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Finish off the style of Rachel Green with a pair of high heel knee high boots which should be made from black leather.

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Ross and Rachel Overview

Ross and Rachel are two of the main characters in the popular American television sitcom “Friends”, which aired from 1994 to 2004. They are best known for their on-again, off-again romantic relationship that spanned throughout the series.

Ross Geller, played by David Schwimmer, is a paleontologist who is initially introduced as Monica’s older brother. He is portrayed as intelligent, nerdy, and sometimes socially awkward. Ross has a complicated love life throughout the series, but his most notable relationship is with Rachel.

Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston, is a fashion-conscious woman who starts off as a waitress but later works her way up in the fashion industry. She is initially introduced as Ross’s former high school crush, and the two rekindle their relationship in the first season after Rachel leaves her fiance at the altar.

The relationship between Ross and Rachel is a major storyline throughout the series, and their romantic tension is evident from the beginning. They date briefly in the first season, but their relationship becomes complicated when Ross’s jealousy causes them to break up. They continue to have feelings for each other and have several more attempts at a relationship throughout the series, including a drunken Vegas wedding and a pregnancy scare.

Their relationship is often fraught with misunderstandings, miscommunications, and external factors, such as Ross’s jealousy and Rachel’s career ambitions. However, they ultimately end up together in the series finale after a dramatic airport reunion, with Ross uttering the famous line, “I, Ross, take thee Rachel.”

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