Sexy Secretary Outfit

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If you are looking for a naughty, fun costume idea for pretty much any party or occasion why not put together your own sexy secretary outfit. A sexy secretary outfit is really easy to put together and you more than likely already own everything you need for this naughty fancy dress or role play idea.

Sexy Secretary Outfit

Here is everything you need to put together this office girl fancy dress costume.


Sexy Secretary Costume - Sexy Secretary Fancy Dress - Sexy Secretary Shirt

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First off you need to start with a button down shirt.

Ideally you need a tight fitting shirt that is white.

It should ideally be worn with the top buttons unfastened.

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Black Bra

Sexy Secretary Costume - Sexy Secretary Fancy Dress - Sexy Secretary Bra

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If you are confident enough you need to wear a bra that should be visible because of the upper buttons of your shirt being unfastened.

The bra you choose can be any color. However with that said a black bra is always a highly popular choice.

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Sexy Secretary Costume - Sexy Secretary Fancy Dress - Sexy Secretary Skirt

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Next you need to consider the lower half of your body.

You should look to wear a tight fitting, short skirt.

This skirt can actually be any length but because of the nature of this fancy dress costume a shorter skirt works best.

Ideally you should look for a black skirt.

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Sexy Secretary Costume - Sexy Secretary Fancy Dress - Sexy Secretary Jacket

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A jacket or blazer will make a really nice touch to this cosume.

Ideally you should have it match the skirt that you have chosen.

The jacket you choose should add to the look of smart office themed attire.

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High Heels

Sexy Secretary Costume - Sexy Secretary Fancy Dress - Sexy Secretary High Heels

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To make this costume the very best you need to choose suitable footwear.

A pair of black leather high heels are going to be your ideal choice of shoes for this office girl costume.

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Sexy Secretary Costume - Sexy Secretary Fancy Dress - Sexy Secretary Stockings

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As a finishing touch to this costume you may want to consider wearing a pair of nylons.

You could wear pantyhose but most women prefer to wear stockings as part of this costume.

There is no hard and fast rule as to what style or color stockings you should wear.

The most popular choice is to wear either black or nude sheer stockings.

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Sexy Secretary Costume - Sexy Secretary Fancy Dress - Sexy Secretary Eyeglasses

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A pair of eyeglasses for this costume are not essential.

However, with that said, they do add a really nice finishing touch.

They add an air of seductiveness to this fancy dress costume.

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Complete Costume Set

Sexy Secretary Costume - Sexy Secretary Fancy Dress Sexy Secretary Outfit - Sexy Secretary Complete Costume


If you cannot be bothered with the hassle of putting this costume together yourself there is always the option of simply taking the readymade costume route.

You will find a huge array of costumes of all different styles that you can buy.


Sexy Secretary Overview

A secretary outfit is a type of professional clothing that is typically worn by women in a secretarial or administrative role. It usually consists of a blouse, skirt or pants, and dress shoes. The outfit is usually modest and tailored, and is meant to project a professional image. In some cases, a secretary may wear a suit jacket or a formal dress. The specifics of the outfit may vary depending on the dress code of the company or organization the secretary works for.

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